How to add Watermarks to PDF Documents on macOS in bulk?​​

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How to add Watermarks to PDF Documents on macOS in bulk?​​

How to add Watermarks to PDF Documents on macOS?

PDF is one of the most commonly used document format today ,it  can contain sensitive/ confidential information that may be protected by intellectual property rights or customer privacy policy or a Non Disclosure agreement.When handling such documents organizations must exercise utmost caution to prevent leaking confidential information. This article will teach you how to watermark PDF Documents on macOS and protect such private documents .

Employees will have to deal with a pile of documents each day. Due to the work load, they may fail to recognise documents as confidential and may accidentally share the information to unauthorised hands.This may lead to content theft or unauthorised use.

A watermark ie: a transparent text or logo superimposed on such documents acts as an effective deterrent against such mistakes. For example , take a look at the PDF Document below You can see how the Confidential watermarks explicitly state the access rights of this document. 

how to add watermark to pdf documents on macOS

If you have a large number of PDFs to process each day and if you are using a Mac, your options to bulk watermark the documents offline on your machine are limited. This where PDF Stamp can help you. PDF Stamp is a batch PDF Watermarking App for macOS  it allows you to bulk watermark your PDF Documents using your text or logo watermark easily with few mouse clicks. The software is quite fast and easy to use , thanks to the intuitive user interface. Take a look at the demo video below to see How to watermark PDF on macOS.

The process to start watermarking using PDF Stamp is quite simple

  • Launch PDF Stamp App > Select PDFs you wish to watermark,you can add files individually or add all files from a selected folder

  • Add a text or logo watermark. Text watermark has lot of configuration options like variety of fonts, complete overlay, rotation etc 

  • Select the placement to position the watermark using the inbuilt presets 

  • Click on the Watermark PDFs button and you are ready to go. 

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